Welcome to Telangana Vigilance Commission

Consequent on bifurcation of State of Andhra Pradesh into Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State, Government of Telangana through G.O.Ms.No.123, G.A (Cabinet) Deptt. dated 12-03-2015 established Vigilance Commission for the State of Telangana, duly adopting the Scheme pertaining to the jurisdiction and powers of the Commission as stipulated vide G.O.Ms.No.421, G.A.(SC.D) Deptt. dated 03-08-1993. The Commission will be called “TELANGANA VIGILANCE COMMISSION” and the person appointed to the post is designated as the “VIGILANCE COMMISSIONER”.

Sri K.R.Nandan, IPS (Retd.) is appointed as the first Vigilance Commissioner for the State of Telangana. He has assumed office on 13-03-2015.

The Telangana Vigilance Commission came into being on the 13th March, 2015 as an independent advisory body to deal with prevention of corruption and maintenance of integrity in public services and for ensuring just and fair exercise of administrative powers vested in various authorities under the State Government. Its primary objective is to advise the Government in matters relating to corruption, misconduct, lack of integrity or other malpractices or misdemeanour on the part of public servants under the executive power of the State.

  • Vigilance Commissioner - Shri K.R.Nandan, IPS(Retd)
  • Secretary to Vigilance Commissioner - Smt.V.Nirmala